Here Paul introduces the company and outlines how ACL Sheet Metal Ltd., helps you achieve your goals.

Hello Paul, can you kick-off this brief interview with a general introduction to the company?


Quite simply, we make things out of metal!

We are the regions number one bespoke metal design, fabrication and laser cutting specialist – although increasingly nowadays we supply right across the UK.

We’re based in 19,000 metre squared industrial unit on a 1 acre site on the edge of Hereford.

We’re a family-run business, we’ve been around for over 25 years and we offer a high level of in-house engineering expertise.

How does it all work?

We really can make anything, so you can come to us with a completely bespoke metal fabrication requirement.

We can work from a ‘back of a fag packet’ outline sketch to a DX drawing and if anyone needs help on the design side, we have a talented in-house design team.

We also provide TIG and MIG welding and coded welding.

Who are the people you support?

We are here to support anyone who wants bespoke professional items made out of metal.

We work a lot with industrial designers and architects and project managers overseeing interior and exterior construction projects. Usually it’s the MD, the buyer or the Project Manager.

Farmers and agricultural managers are also big customers for us.

Anyone requiring just about any metal part or unit basically!

It sounds like, on a day to day basis, you could be making just about anything?

Yes absolutely. It is very diverse.

Quite simply, we take a briefing and we then deliver exactly what our customers want.

Can you give us some examples of items you’ve recently made?

Recent production items includes roofing systems, lazer cut metal signs, pipework and channels, parts for a vehicle prototype, machinery parts, fencing and scaffolding, ladders, pipes and water channels, storage tanks and bathroom cladding and splashbacks.

Why should someone choose ACL, rather than a competitor?

We can meet any metal fabrication need, it’s high quality and we don’t let people down.

Pricewise, we are very competitive and we meet all relevant British industry standards.

The structural steel we supply for construction for example, meets BS EN 1090-2 standard.

We can also step in if you’ve been let down or need something at the last minute.

If people would like to discuss a metal fabrication or laser cutting order or perhaps ask a question, how should they do this?

Simply pick up the phone and give me a call. My number is 01432 276866.

I’m always happy to give free advice over the phone and our website – has lots more information.

ACL Sheet Metal

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